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Motivated by passion for what I practice


I have no wish to impress you by telling you that I was initiated in the art of shiatsu many, many moons ago! However, it is important to say that I have been practicing shiatsu for a good many years.

Yes, I am passionate about what I do and yes, I am motivated by care and respect for every person I treat. I want to give the very best of myself and yes, above all else, I listen carefully.


For almost 20 years, I worked in communication. It was thanks to my father that I discovered massage: he suffered from a degenerative disease and was taken into a care home. We didn’t speak to each other much and in order to communicate with him, I took to massaging his feet and legs. And it became our little routine. Each time I went to visit him, I took my little stool and my oil and there we were, a made-to-measure massage (thanks mainly to Internet tutorials). This motivated me to take a number of massage courses using oils, but massaging with oils in an overheated room was not really for me.


I discovered shiatsu when my own body finally made me understand that the life I was living was not being very kind to it. To mix metaphors, I took the bit between my teeth and now I am hooked on Chinese medicine and oriental philosophy, both of which take into account body and mind. I continue to do lots more training courses, always with the desire of learning still more about the amazing universe that is the human being.


My training is recognized by the Belgian Shiatsu Federation.






My training courses:

Wellness and relaxing shiatsu at Sats'am, full course with Kawada sensei (Yoseido), fluid shiatsu course with Bernard Bouheret, chair shiatsu at EEM, Korean relaxation at Kally'Ô, introduction to traditional Chinese medicine by Elisabeth Martens.


Je ne vais pas vous en mettre plein la vue en vous disant que j'ai été initiée au shiatsu il y a de nombrrrrrreuses années. En revanche, oui, j'ai de nombreuses heures de pratique dans les mains. Oui, je suis passionnée. Oui, je travaille dans la bienveillance et le respect. Oui, j'aime donner le meilleur de moi-même. Et oui, je suis avant tout à l'écoute.


J'ai travaillé pendant près de 20 ans dans la communication. C'est grâce à mon papa que j'ai découvert le massage: atteint d'une maladie dégénérative, il a été pris en charge par une maison de soins. On ne parle pas beaucoup, ni lui ni moi, et afin de communiquer avec lui, j'ai entrepris de lui masser les pieds et les jambes. Et c'est devenu une petite routine: chaque fois que j'allais le voir, j'amenais mon tabouret et mon huile et, hop, massage maison (merci aux tutos sur le net).  Après, j'ai fait quelques stages de massage à l'huile, mais masser par 26°C: très peu pour moi.


Le shiatsu s'est trouvé sur ma route lorsque mon corps a décidé de me faire savoir que la vie que je lui faisais mener ne lui convenait plus. J'ai mordu à l'hameçon, et je me passionne maintenant pour la médecine chinoise et cette philosophie orientale qui prend en compte à la fois le corps et l'esprit. Et je continue bien sûr à me former, encore et encore, pour en savoir toujours plus sur cet univers étonnant qu'est l'être humain.


Ma formation est reconnue par la Fédération Belge de Shiatsu.













Le Shiatsu: kesako?


My visitor's book … my way of thanking you


I love getting your spontaneous feedback or a little message written after a massage. Your words give me energy and encouragement.

They incite me to give the very best of myself. 
Here is a selection of recent messages: 





A moment that is good for your body thanks to thumb pressure and massages that free up your energy, but also in the spirit of being in this bubble that invites meditation. A real ‘for me moment’.

Muriel D

It was fabulous!

Valérie V. , Gisèle

Thank you for your warm welcome, your sensitivity and for listening so carefully! I left with a feeling of wellbeing and serenity.

Isabelle S.

I slept like a baby after the massage - 7 hours without waking up! Something I haven’t done for 5 years!


I feel a lot calmer and zen, and my back at last feels completely relaxed as well. 


It just feels so good not to have any more pain.


It makes me really happy to see my son come back home looking really radiant after a session with you!

Karin D.

Your massage did me so much good!!! Yes, I feel great and even the stiffness in my back has gone.


A guaranteed moment of relaxation and wellbeing. In a world where everything goes faster and faster, this is a real tonic! Ariane has magic fingers. You leave her place feeling transformed.


I slept like a baby. I couldn’t feel my aching muscles anymore and my back was totally relaxed. I have never felt like that. 


When I leave, I feel as if I’ve had hypnosis – incredibly well and revived.

Muriel B

A wonderful massage with a very beautiful person! When I left Ariane’s I felt absolutely regenerated!


Thank you for this marvellous moment of plenitude!


I felt like a long-haired carpet that has been really carefully hoovered and brushed!


A moment just for yourself, with the result that you have a feeling of deep plenitude. Your body and soul meet up and everything feels lighter. Ariane listens to you and her very presence is gentleness itself.


An amazing peace!!

A fantastic moment of relaxation and feeling re-boosted


A moment of plenitude and wellbeing to care for your body and mind.


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