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A moment just for you

Stiff neck or shoulders, low energy levels, insomnia, digestive problems, irregular intestinal transit, back pains, mood change…

If any of these seem familiar to you, then help could be at hand with a shiatsu massage or treatment. 


After a session, you might, for instance, experience relief from back pain, renewed energy or better intestinal transit.

For some people, sleeping patterns are restored, there is less water retention, life seems more positive.

These are some of the tangible results that can be experienced immediately after a shiatsu session.


But, whatever physical improvements are experienced, a shiatsu massage/treatment also brings a feeling of profound and long-lasting wellbeing and relaxation.

A word or two about shiatsu

A shiatsu massage enables the body to re-discover its equilibrium, both physical and emotional.
It generates deep relaxation, frees up the joints, relaxes the body, balances the emotions, harmonises the energy circulating in our body’s meridians, thereby irrigating the organs.


Shiatsu, as I practice it, combines 3 complementary dimensions :

  • energetic: ensuring a constant and correct flow of energy in all the meridians in order to reduce as much as possible the discomfort caused by possible energy imbalances
  • mechanical: kneading of muscles, mobilisation of joints, and stretching adapted to the physical condition of the person being massaged
  • therapeutic: puncturing of well-defined points (as in acupuncture) in order to relieve or overcome a certain pathology

A shiatsu massage involves gentle manipulation of the body, through slight but firm pressure applied using the thumbs or palms of the hand. If greater pressure on the back is required by the person being massaged (e.g. by someone who practices sport), the elbow may be used to massage the body. 


Shiatsu removes blockages to prevent them from becoming chronic. Therefore, like most oriental therapies, shiatsu is preventive. It will be a regular treatment at a rate of +/- every 4-6 weeks. Or at least at every change of season.

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