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Asian dressed massages in Brussels 





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Lie down in a comfortable position on the soft futon, close your eyes, listen to the birdsong and breathe in the gentle wooded fragrance.

Let go and relax completely… you are in very good hands. BESbswy



A special massage option to ease the tension in your shoulders, soothe your neck, relax your back and relieve pain in the lumber region.


A relaxing massage designed to eliminate all your stress, from head to toe, and install a deep and long-lastingfeeling of relaxation and calm.


A massage involving a mix of pressure, kneading, stretching and gentling articulation. 


There is no need for you to choose one or the other. You will be given a judiciously-chosen assortment of treatments, in accordance with your own particular needs and wishes.


There is no need to undress for this type of massage, but I recommend that you wear loose-fitting clothes.

Massage 90 minutes: € 65  

Massage 60 minutes: € 50  


I can also come to your home (only for disabled people).

Price given on request.BESbswy

And have you thought about giving a gift voucher for a massage to someone you care about?

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